Stone Maintenance and Restoration

We provide a wide range of stone care and restoration services including:

  • Sealing and preserving stone surfaces

  • Floors, showers, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and countertops

  • Scratch and stain removal

  • Cleaning and polishing

  • Tile and stone repair or replacement

  • Stone lamination and chip repair

  • Dry Treat 15 year sealer

  • More Anti Etch



Polishing and honing are available on request


  • Etch repair

  • Stain removal

  • Chip repair

  • Crack repair


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Sealing and re sealing are available on request


  • Cracked grout

  • Caulking

  • Tile repair or replacement


Exterior Stonework

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  • Natural stone exterior patio and deck cleaning and stain removal

  • Repair and restore wall cladding, planters, statuary, and more